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Thread: Retrofit - Radiant Floor Heating

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    Retrofit - Radiant Floor Heating

    Just wondering if anyone here has experience with Radiant floor heating systems for older houses.

    We've got electric baseboard heating, and while I like the warmth, the electric bills are kind of steep, and the things up against the walls just really are ugly, and limit where you can put furniture, electronics, etc...

    So, I was thinking of getting Pex tubing, making aluminum reflectors and putting the system in under the main living portion of our house (in the crawl space). Of course that would include a good dose of insulation under the floor as well.

    Seems like one of those jobs that might be really annoying for a few days (weeks?), but after it's done would be well worth it.

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    Hi Brent

    I am considdering something along the same lines. Unfortunately I do not have crawl spaces. I will have to throw a new concrete screed over the PEX tubing. This will raise the floor by about 1/2". It will be a huge undertaking, but I think very worthwhile. Ultimately I would like to tie the PEX tubes into my solar water heater, after I have re-sized it to accomodate the additional load.

    This company has a pretty good description of what you are planning on their website:
    They have an installation manual for download which contains most of what one needs to know about installing these floors.

    Good luck.
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