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Thread: Bush Oil?

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    Bush Oil?

    Saw Bills really cool burl plate.

    Just wondering what 'Bush Oil' is?

    Tried to do a search here, but I guess you need 4 words, and well, I just couldn't think what the other 2 should be.

    Did a general google search, but, well, let's just say nothing related to woodworking came up in the first 1000 pages....

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    Found something on it here. Someone stated it was similar to Watco Danish oil. Dunno myself.

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    Thanks for the link Jack!

    Brent, as you can see, searching on Bush and Oil is going to get you something quite different, and not a lot of it pleasant to read. But this is the stuff I have been using. I have not dealt with Curious Woods, but they look to be local to the manufacturer, who it seems is still working on breaking out of that local niche.

    I think the stuff is worth pursuing though. I am not sure if it is linseed oil, tung oil, or something else entirely, but it does a nice job and does it fairly quickly. It is significantly thicker than the Watco I have used in the past, close to some linseed oils I have used. It has been a while so I can't make a real comparison there, but it is thick. One coat is usually good enough, and it dries with minimal bleed out. When I use Watco I can expect to see a lot of little hard shiny spots where the oil seeps back out of the pores while it is drying. Those spots are puddled oil that needs to be removed, usually by a vigorous application of steel wool and elbow grease. This rarely happens with Bush Oil, usually only around a bark inclusion or similar large feature where oil can accumulate.

    It buffs up very nicely with a Beall buffing system. I have not yet tried any other finishes over it such as varnish or shellac, but I have done that with success over boiled linseed oil, so I suspect that the results would be the same. Good luck with it!
    Bill Grumbine

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    Do these "Locals" have a web site? Where do they sell their wares? Sounds like you might be a good spokesman for their product, Perhaps you can hook up with them to sell through your web site??? Tell us more if there is more to tell. BTW

    What is this "Movie Star" on your profile? Is that why you wear a mask during your turnings? To protect your "Cash Crop" face or to ward of the screaming fans clammering for a glimpse of you.

    BTW I do really love your work (lathe work that is don't know of any movie work)

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    Bill, there is a link to a Bush Oil distributor in Jack's post a few posts up. The movie star thing is tongue in cheek - I have been known to crack a joke now and then - but also a little serious. I have made two woodturning DVDs over the past couple of years which have been very successful.

    I suppose I could sell their stuff, but I don't need 100 gallons of this stuff sitting around taking up space and money, which is usually how stuff like that ends up working.
    Bill Grumbine

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    You're probably right about local distribution. I've had the pleasure of meeting Bill Bush at woodworking shows (NY, NJ, PA area)...where his oil is very well received. I have never used it however, as all my finishing is sprayed laquers etc. I do remember him telling me that it was a mixture of a couple of different oils, but don't remember exactly. If memory serves I think it was Lake Shore Hardwoods (upstate NY) that was also selling it.

    He is also an incredibly talented craftman, his portfolio is mind blowing, if you ever get the chance.

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