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Thread: Water heater Question

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    Water heater Question

    I am looking at installing a propane Water Heater. It will live in a crawlspace about 5 feet high. It is a 40 Gal, 36K BTU unit that is NOT direct vent. I will be right next to an outside wall with no windows or doors on that side of the house.

    This is a small basement type area where the water pump, furnace and Water Heater live. I have recently replaced the fuel oil furnace with a propane direct vent and am now replacing the electric heater that replaced the fuel oil water heater this spring. I can't access the chimney because of new ducting.

    I am wondering if I can use the 3" vent pipe and go through the rim joist and install a cap on the out side. this would include the elbow coming off the heater a straight run of pipe (pitched upward) through the joist, and elbow outside then a cap.

    I wonder if the heat would be too much for the rim joist it goes through or the floor and floor joist it will be next to (3") from floor.

    Any issues??

    BTW we have no local codes except for the national codes and no permit necessary. Sorry for being wordy just want to explain the situation clearly.

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    I would want to use triple walled pipe through the joist.

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    Ralph....If you live in a town, you might want to consult your local building code inspector. My local inspectors are always happy to give me advice and ideas on how to do things....keep them within the code and do it more cheaply than I would have imagined with my "Builder it stouter and bigger" mentality.

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    is there a reason the furnace couldn`t share a vent with the waterheater?
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    I am a home inspector but I am not well versed on this question. But if I saw that I would be righting it up for some further investigation. I would prefer to see it go through masonry than wood. Just to great a fire risk.

    I bet your local gas company can answer your questions on the proper way to vent it. Of perhaps whomever you guy it from. Unless that is a local BORG then all bets are off.
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    OK, Thanks for the replies. This is replacing an electric WH I put in this spring replacing a Oil fired one. I also replace my furnace this summer with propane direct vent one. The new ducting is blocking the chimney. It sounds like I may be able to return the current one (even though I opened the box) and get a short WH. This may allow using the current chimney.

    Again, Thanks for the advise.

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