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Thread: Planos drive me mad...

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    Red face Planos drive me mad...

    ...but I still love 'em. The problem is that they flop all over the place when not in use. The plastic 'hooks' that are supposed to hold them in place are not the best part of the design. Anyone got any ideas for holding them together?

    The best I have come up with is to clamp each one onto a length of 2x1. There must be a better way...

    ...any ideas?

    Did I mention it rains over here?

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    A shop I used to work for had those. I used to just move the bottom blocks all the way up and snug the screw block down on them. A little annoying to have to do, but really no more so than walking across the room several times to put all the bar clamps away after a glue up.

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