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Thread: pic practice

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    pic practice

    Pic Post Practice...Trying to post a large pic and still stay under the allowable file size. If it doesn't work...It's the administrators fault...not mine If it works....well....errrr....ummm....Thanks Vaughn.

    Cherry Tic Tac Toe board with paduk inlay. Finish is 4 coats of blond shellac. Was going to give this to a small child but thought he could swallow the small X's & O's. I'm looking for a large child....Should be plenty of them around FWW

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    Yes Matt...PIXresizer done at 720 x 478.

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    Much better, John. As far as I can tell, PIXresizer doesn't have the "quality" adjustment option I was talking about earlier, but it still gets things in a more workable size range.

    The free program I use the most for picture resizing and cropping is Irfanview. A little more complicated, but very powerful.
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