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Thread: Shaker Work Bench, Revisited

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    Shaker Work Bench, Revisited


    Well by popular demand some people have asked me to repost some projects from my past.(my apologies to you if you have seen this before).

    I made this Shaker bench awhile ago (2001-2) back in the days of Badger Pond. It is mostly hard maple with cherry accents. There is very little hardware in this bench, 6 brass screws for the top pf the tail vise and 6 lag bolts used on the end caps.

    I was inspired to make a traditional bench with an authentic tail vice and leg vice. The wood screws were made by Howard card, he no longer makes them.

    I find that the bench has fit perfectly into my work style over the years.

    It’s based on a design from the Landis Workbench book with some minor modifications..

    I hope you enjoyed seeing my bench.

    Take care,
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    Beautiful. I made mine a similar style but much more basic bench. Nothing near as nice, but I love the vices. Just can not bring myself to use good wood on a bench though.
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    Well Jim, I think that's just a horribly ugly bench and you need to ship it to me so you can build a nice one!

    I think I did see that one before, but when you put something that nice together, it is definitely not a problem seeing it again! Thanks for posting! I Love the screws and I'd really like to have a leg vise. Next bench I guess!

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    Very nice work Jim, and thanks for posting it. I discovered woodworking forums before the Badger Pond days, so I'm one of many here who've not seen it before.
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    Beautiful workbench Jim

    Very nice set of vises too

    Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers! - Jim

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    Hey there Jim, nice work as always!

    I love the drawer fronts... and that it has drawers. Betcha don't slide that one across the floor when trying to true up a panel!

    One day I'll finish mine, no drawers or top yet... at the moment its holding up a makeshift router table, but I'm so embarassed at the heresy that I won't post a picture

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    wow, beautiful work there, and the morris chairs. can you post a recent photo of your bench? I'd love to see how it has held up these past few years.

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    i hadn`t seen your bench jim........fantastic! thanks for sharin`.
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    I'd not seen it before, but if I had, I'd have just enjoyed it a second time.

    Wow...........just don't do it justice!
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    that's awesome jim..very beautiful in deed. you should be very proud of that wonderful display of your craftsmanship


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