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Thread: It's a small world.

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    It's a small world.

    This post isn't about's about a turner.

    Some of you turners might remember Carole Valentine. I used to admire her lathe work over on SMC. My daughter & I spent an afternoon with Carole a few years ago out on the Eastern Shore of VA. She showed us her shop and took us out for a nice lunch. Carole is a very nice lady and I had hoped to have the opportunity to visit her again someday.

    About a month ago I was attending the funeral of my uncle up near Gaston Lake in VA. As I was catching up with one of my cousins, we started talking about how beautiful the Eastern Shore was....I had said I knew a lady named Carole that lived just north of Oyster. He said...."That wouldn't be Carole Valentine would it"? It's a small world because it turns out that before my cousin retired he worked as an engineer for the state of VA in Richmond, and Carole was his boss.

    Anyway, I've kept in touch with Carole and she's doing very well. Her turning skills have gone through the roof...although she's taking a little break from turning and spending time biking around the Eastern Shore. LOML & I might surprise her someday when she sees us pulling up in front of her shop with our bikes in tow.

    Thought some of you that knew her would like the update.

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    John, that is really cool, neat to find out how small a world it is.!
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    You should check out this issue of WoodTurning Design. There is a article about Carole

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    I have also stayed in touch with Carole since SMC. My kids are down in Richmond and hope to one day get to go meet her. She is one nice lady and her turnings are superb for sure.
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    I have not yet had the good fortune to meet Carole face to face but hope to someday. I have talked with her thru a couple of diffrent forums and she is a down to earth person as well as one talented lady. I was very happy to see her get the recognition she deserves in WoodTurnings Design.
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