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Thread: Quick Review - Triton Plunge router *UPDATED*

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    Quick Review - Triton Plunge router *UPDATED*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Dunlap View Post

    I have one minor complaint about the router and that is the on/off switch. To turn on the router, you have to push a safety slide over and then while holding it over, you turn on the router. To do this one-handed is beyond me.
    Thanks for the report Matt. To me the switch complaint is not a minor point. As far as I am concerned if you cannot hold both handles and turn on the router with one hand it is not a good router no matter how well it works after you turn it on. A switch in the handle that can be easily turned on and off with one hand is why my DeWalt 621 and my PC 7539 are my favorite routers. No Triton for me since there are other options.

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    Matt, your difficulty with the on/off switch is confusing to me. I just went down to the workshop and switched mine five or six times to make sure I'm remembering correctly but it seems very natural to me to do one handed. The switch is near the left "handle" when I'm holding the router in a typical fashion. I just slide the door over to the left with my thumb and then roll that thumb down on the rocker switch and flip it down. The door stays out of the way easily when I do this which makes me wonder if your slider door maybe has more spring force than mine.

    I also think the Triton routers are very good bargains. Buy one before the Aussies wake up and charge what they're worth. I really like the micro adjust for depth control.
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    Thanks for the great review. This is the router I've been drooling on down at the local Woodcraft - I want it for the router table I want to build this winter.
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    thanks matt, i too have been eyeing this router...i want the 3-1/4 as well, but the features are better on the 2-1/4...hopefully they will upgrade the big brother so i can get both and be just as happy with each.

    thanks again

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    Ain't it cool when you have a seemingly difficult task, then you whip out the right tool for the job and the job almost does itself? I put together a quick-n-dirty circle jig for one of my P-C 690s, and things like cutting circles or rings for donut chucks for the lathe got a whole lot easier.
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