For Sale:

Rojek PK 300V

Less than 1 year old. This is a 10" or 12" saw depending on if you're using the scoring blade.

I purchased this saw, including the Sliding table CV 2BL upgrade (longer and wider sliding capacity. I also upgraded the saw to the 52" inch rip, including the extension table. The extended outfeed table was also purchase.

This includes a 10" blade and a 3" scoring blade, plus all parts the saw came and accessories the saw came with, everything is complete.

I paid around $3600 for this saw plus shipping. I will sell it for $2500. Saw is located in the Quad City area IL/IA. I would be willing to ship if you wanted to pay for shipping. The saw weighs approximately 650 pounds assembled.

This is the saw that Kelley Mehler rated as the best saw in the Woodworkers Journal, but this one has the upgrades sliding table and added rip and outfeed capacity.