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Thread: Weekend accomplishments?

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    Weekend accomplishments?

    Have not done this in a while. So what woodworking did you get done this weekend? Or attempt to get done?

    My weekend was a wash woodworking wise. Pulled the truck in the Lab Saturday to find the problem/replace an alternator and it went bad. 30 minute job ended up taking all morning and then some.

    FIL came over to use the Lab. After getting the truck straightened out I cleaned up some while he worked. After that everyone wanted to go swimming. I was hot, tired and annoyed after doing battle with the truck so I lounged in the pool too.

    Today I was going to finish the raised panels. After Church we went to lunch with friends. By the time we finally got home I just didn't want to go the shop. So my weekend was a bust. Except for the one piece of wood I ran across the Great Pumpkin to show my FIL now that it is restored.
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    Latest project, 42" 1,600+ pieces. Inspired to post after watching National Geographic special about 9-11 today.

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    I got some stuff cleaned up. Made new inserts for my ZCI (designed by the incomparable Bruce Page). Ran a few old tools over to the Habitat Restore. I've got a few other items to go over, but I need to dig them out - in an organized fashion this time. More shop time this week than I've had in quite some time!


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    Zip zero zilch nada......... but I went shopping for tools
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    It's holiday weekend here so my weekend in not over yet. I tend to spend my weekends doing less woodworky things as I spend all week doing, writing, photographing or thinking woodwork. Soooo, this weekend I am being much less hands on and spending it talking to friends instead...

    ...about woodwork!

    well, that's less woodworky, isn't it?

    Did I mention it rains over here?

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    Once again, no real woodworking stuff this weekend as what I am doing is mostly construction for my new addition. Still I got to use a lot of my tools this weekend to make up some trim around my windows. Radial arm saw, jointer, planer, bandsaw, biscuit jointer, etc, etc, etc...using all these tools certainly felt like woodworking even if it was just going to be nailed onto a house some place.

    It also felt good to spice up my trim job just a bit too. I added some curves, some angles and some flares on the corner returns, the corner boards and around the doors and windows to give this house a custom look. Still nothing as fancy as gingerbread, on this house it would not work. Its going to look real good when I am done I think, a real custom looking, high quality job, but its going to slow down the shingling a lot. There is a lot of odd shaped shingles to cut out.
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    Lessee...three bottle stoppers (two wood, one acrylic), seven pens (three wood, four acrylic), finished a walnut hollow form, and roughed an alder hollow form and bowl.

    Dennis, that's an awesome piece of work. You should start a separate thread to show it to the gang.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis Perry View Post
    Latest project, 42" 1,600+ pieces. Inspired to post after watching National Geographic special about 9-11 today.

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    You did a great job on that marquetry Dennis! I bought the kit of the chickadee to try. I'd love to see a thread about it with any pointers you care to give!

    I Finished up some adirondack chairs and took some posts over to a client to get started on his fence.

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    Friday night I did all the plumbing rough-ins for the master bath. Saturday final drywall sanding and spackling a couple small spots, shopping for all the tile installation "stuff", got all the drawer fronts reattached on the cabinets, general shop clean up, and got started on the mirror. Sunday, after church I got LOML started on priming all the bare spots (I had to do the skylight chase because she can't reach), oil changes for both cars, mowing the parts of the yard that aren't underwater, and then painting the ceiling. Busy weekend.

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    And again no woodworking this weekend.
    Had a century bike (bicycle) ride on Saturday but due to a heavy rain, it got cut back to 80 miles instead of the planned 100.

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