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Thread: Micro router table...

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    Micro router table...

    Whilst having a tidy up in the shop I came across the micro router table that I built about 10 years ago as a throw away item... I never did get around to doing the dead... It is great for that little odd job and takes up very little space. I have posted this before in 'another place' but I thought you guys might be interested in it.

    The top is an off cut from a desk I was building at the time - remember when black furniture was all the in thing? - the lead on pin is a length of aluminium tube secured with a long wood screw. Power is a PC laminate trimmer that was purchased in a branch of HD when I was over your side of the pond in the 90's.

    The base of the laminate trimmer is removed and replaced with the 'table'...

    ...then held in the bench vice.

    Close up and ready for a spot of trimming showing the lead on pin.


    Oops! maybe I should have put this in the jigs and fixtures forum...
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    Great idea, Ralph, and very economical.
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    I got one kind of like that. Its just a small router and table that I mounted onto metal drawer slides. I use it for light stuff like round-overs and simple, small routing jobs. Being on the drawer slides is great because I pull it out when I need it, and then slide it back when I am done. Very easy, fast and convenient.

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    That's certainly more elegant than me clamping my trimmer in the vise... especially considering if you don't want to crimp the cord you have to clamp over the on/off switch.

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