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Thread: Craft Show Table Sign

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    Craft Show Table Sign

    I guess this is flatwork and if moderators think it is advertizing please remove it. But the ads are just part of the work.

    So -- You are going to a Craft Show.

    Wondering what type of tables they will have and how to cover them and use your signs.

    1. Make a flat sign of some type. I used 0.125 Maple with some Walnut inlayed letters(I have a laser).

    2. Take a small piece of thin stock. I used 0.0625 plywood about 12x18.

    3. Attach something magnetic 90 degrees to one edge of the thin stock. I used a piece of hinge.

    4. Glue some rare earth magnets to the back of the sign.

    5. Place plywood with metal edge on edge of table. Cover table and plywood with a nice piece of cloth.

    6. Place your sign with magnets near metal edge.

    CLICK - you have a sign that will work with just about any table they may have.
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    Cool stuff, Pete. The sign looks sharp (as always) and that's a great idea on the magnetic "backer board". I'm planning to use rare earth magnets to attach my fabric sign to the wall of my show canopy. Those little suckers sure are handy.
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    good luck at the show pete!
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    Great looking sign and good luck at the show.

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