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Thread: Father/Daughter Talk

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    Father/Daughter Talk

    While tucking my 10 year old into bed a few nights ago we had a short conversation that went like this:

    kid - "Dad, I love my room."

    me - "What is it about your room that you like?"

    kid - "The stuff that's in it."

    me - "Like what?

    As she points to the items "The bed, the bookshelf, the chest, the doll house, the clock and the wands" she pauses and then says "because you made them."

    I almost had tears.

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    Whoo Hoo, don't get much better than that Dad, circle the date on the calendar

    Sounds like a great kid you are raising, smart too!
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    That's a gloatworthy conversation if ever there was. On all sorts of levels.
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    That is so sweet. I guess its not surprising that people can pick up on the significance of home-made items from such an early age. The fact that she can do that says a lot about here and you.

    I remember growing up, this dairy farm kid had tons of metal toy tractors and whatnot. But my most favorite toy, the one I always think about, was that wooden truck my father made for me. With it I could haul my toy skidders, tractors and other trailers around the living room floor. Now my father was NOT a woodworker so this meant it was not much more than a 2x4 and some wheels. Still the toy has fond memories because my father made it for me.

    Now in some ways I cannot wait for my daughter to grow up and talk more, but I must say, at the rate she is growing up now, I won't have to wait to much longer. She has he ways of telling me though. Last week I was typing away on the computer and she waddled over and kept hitting my knees for attention. So I reached down and picked her up. Then she gave me a hug, a kiss, then another hug and wanted to be put down so she could go play again. For a 1 year old, that was pretty special so it made this Dad's day!
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    bet you`re all puffed up?..........good!
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    Out of the mouths of babes.

    Stroking dad's ego.


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    That brought a tear to my eyes. Nice story.
    So now what are you going to make next for her?

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    Cherish the time! My two daughters helped me build our addition onto our home knowing upstairs would be their new individual bedrooms. It is treasured time to be sure. Now one has graduated from HS and has her own son, and the youngest daughter is a Sr. in HS. It goes fast. Great story to share and remember.

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    That's really cool. Last weekend my daughter told us she loves our house. When I asked what she liked she said our bathroom was beautiful. Since its currently gutted, she must have a lot of faith in me. Either that or she thinks a gutted bathroom looks better than anything else I've done. I think I stick with the first.

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    Yuh done good Jim. Cherish the time, it goes by so swiftly.


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