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Thread: Heritage Collection

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    Heritage Collection

    The Auburn Duesenberg Car Festival is this weekend.
    Here is a website showing many of the costly cars, that I cant afford to even kick a tire.

    Here is my items that will be displayed at my daughters store.

    Along with many items built over the years.

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    I think this just might be the year I take the boys up to Auburn, been here almost 7 years now and haven't made it.

    Looks like nice weather too!
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    If you should go to Auburn stop by and say HI

    I will be working in my Daughters store
    "Country Lane General Store", on 221 North Main St.

    My job is head counter and door greeter.
    We had over 4,000 last year. My thumb got numb from the clicker.

    My jaws got tired saying "HI, how are you"

    If you should show up will try and say..........................

    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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    Been years since I was at the Auburn sale. Think it was back in '79, they sold Evil Knevil's car, and the Batman car. We have our family reunion at my farm on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend so it isn't an option for me anymore. If you guys ever venture to the other side of the state (West side) and make it to Mark Bailey's Discount store in Toto, Indiana, you are welcome to stop by.

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