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Hello, I am getting ready int the next two weeks to have several hunderd bdft sawed up. In the process I will have some Pine, poplar, chestnut and maybe some hickory turning stock for sale. I also have some air dryed apple maybe 6" wide logs. If someone is intrested in them just pm me and we can figure out size and price. Also will have some apple that I am going to try and make some pen blanks for my self, but if intrested let me know. Also I have some corain blanks for pens turning.

I have lots of poplar, mahogany, oak and apple wood for anyone intrested in it give me a e-mail or pm. I have other wood types that are buried and not what else is ther. It is buried at this minute and needs to get out of my shop. There is more there then I can possibly use. Also have a large selction of corain if intrested. Saturday I will pull it out sort it and take invetory of what is there. I am willing to slice it to your needed thickness.