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Thread: Is this Common?

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    Is this Common?

    We own two cars for daily driving. Typically my wife's Saturn is for her use almost exclusively to go to work and errands. My car is the family car so whenever we go someplace together, it is in my car. So that was a long way to say I don't drive my wifes car all that often. Now, the last two times I've driven her car, I have found big problems with the car that really did need attention. LOML's comments always seem to range from "Oh is that what's causing that." to "Well, it kept running, so I didn't worry about it."

    Is this normal? Do others spouses and or adult kids work in the same way? Now I need to note that LOML is really, really smart. She holds a PhD in material science and is well respected (and feared by some) for her mental capabilities. I'm just astounded that things that send off warning bells to me have virtually no impact on her. (I think she married me so she would look better.)

    Not a rant or complaint since I've become accustom to it. I'm just more curious as to how prevalent it is.

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    I have to say, my Mom would do the same thing to my Dad all the time, my wife is a bit better, as she knows the vans we drive are part of the business, so she schedules the tune ups etc.
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    I think it varies from individual to individual. My wife's brother is like that, not only with cars, but with everything in life it seems. My wife, on the other hand, is real attuned to any changes in her car, and doesn't hesitate to ask me to look at things if she suspects something's wrong.
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    Yes... Although in all fairness my wife is very diligent about booking her car for services.

    Some time ago I needed to use my wifes car for some reason or other. I discovered that all 4 shock absorbers were totally shot. The rear ones were so bad that the bouncing had worn spots on the tires right down to the steel belts. What is really shocking was that the car had been for a service just the week before. I checked the service sheet and "apparently" they had checked the shocks and tyres. There really is no accounting for service these days. Im just grateful I drove the car as my wife was traveling long distance fairly regularly.

    I now make a point of driving my wifes car every now and then just to be sure. And I check both our vehicles after every service.

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    My wife is the opposite. She is always complaining this or that is broken on her car. I'll check it out and find everything is OK. But she'll still complain whatever is broken. So, I'll ignore everything she says. And, guess what? Eventually something will really be wrong and I'm big time in the doghouse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Eventually something will really be wrong and I'm big time in the doghouse.
    Thankfully, LOML is usually angry at herself for not noticing a problem. I have to temper what I say and do because I am hyper sensitive to all the sounds my car makes. I may elect not to do anything about the noise, but I need to know what it is. Today I get to roll under her car and find the loud banging it's making.
    I guess it's good to know my wife is more normal (and I'm the aberration).


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    Mine is more like Frank's. Often asking me to drive her minivan to check out a noise. More often that not, it's nothing, but she has a tendency to be hard on brakes. She's on her third set of rotors in 5 years.

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    Frank n Steve,

    right there with you fellas. woof.


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    Hmmmm, another reason not to be married! Thanks guys

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