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Thread: Anybody make a 5" Compound Angle Dust Port?

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    Anybody make a 5" Compound Angle Dust Port?

    I'd like to put a 5" port on my MM16 that's angled downward as well as rearward (towards the outfeed table side) so as to keep the hose from jutting out in the standing path of the table. John has something similar on this thread but he fabbed his.
    My welding tools and skills are non-existent plus I dont need any more side-projects at the moment. I'd rather just buy something if it exists.
    Cant tell for sure from his pics whether his is a compound angle or only bending downward. Anybody already make something like that? Either metal or plastic?
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    This is what I would do, First you need a peice of cardboard, 1' peice of 5" stove pipe and some rivets. Now to figure out the whay to cut the pipe I would cut a hole in the cardboard the size of the pipe. Then set the pipe in the hole out the angle you want the pipe. Now slide the pipe thru the cardboard untill you have the length you want plus a inch. Trace the pipe with black marker and then you just need to cut tabs all the way around the pipe. Then cut the hole in the machine where you want it. Put the pipe thru the hole and bend over the taps and drill the hole for the rivets and install the rivets. Now you have a new dust port. with out welding.

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    Can't you use an adjustable elbow? That's what I did on my bandsaw. Works fine.
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    I agree with Bill - an adjustable elbow came to mind when I read your post. You'll be able to make whatever angle you want overall and then rotate it to point in whichever direction you want.

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