Talked to Mom on the phone last week and she said she wen out to the new house to measure for Blinds and she met the "Finisher" she called him an "Old guy" Remember mom is 86... Anyway...

This weekend I was visiting my mom (86) who is having a new home built, we went to look at the house and found where the finisher who was installing the Crown molding had left his Mitersaw stand in the garage (sans the saw) I thought it was an interesting device and noteworthy and something to share with fellow woodworkers. Looks to be home made and well thought out in design. (I assume he was careful to remove the saw in fear that the sight might be vandalized and "stolen"

Looks like he went to good care to make it for his satisfaction and ease of mobility, looks like it hinges in the middle and has all the parts necessary to make good cuts and true angles.

Just thought I would pass this along to those of interest.