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Thread: The Hawk...

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    The Hawk...

    Found this proud boy/girl when I was out for a stroll at lunch time.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    (I work on a university campus, in an urban area, alongside a small river. Not exactly the wilds.)

    Kind of a junky camera, sorry. It's an older camera we have here in the lab. Wish I had had a better on. As it was, It was only about 12 ft off the ground in the tree eating ... something ... and I was probably within 30 ft of it, and it was ignoring us.


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    While this is not exactly on point, I thought I'd use this opportunity to point to poem about hawks, Hurt Hawks.

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    One of the mechanics at work tells a story of working in the shop and stuff falling on him, he kept waving at it but it wouldn't stop. Finally he said "What is this??", walked around, looked up and a hawk was above him in the rafters ripping the fur off a rabbit and eating it. It was the fur falling that he was swiping at! Jim.
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    I had one of those guys miss my head by about 2 feet. I was standing outside the patio exit from the cafeteria at work when it swooped past to pick a sparrow off the top of the 6-7 ft shrubs. Scared the crud out of me. All I saw was a big black blur coming right for me, followed by a little explosion of feathers from the shrubs. Had to walk around the line of shrubs to figure out what just happened then saw him on the lawn with the sparrow pinned before he took off and I double check my shorts.
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    When I saw the thread title I thought I'd be reading about Ronnie Hawkins ... ...

    We feed the birds in our backyard, so we sometimes get a little red hawk hunting under the feeders and yup ... he sure is a blur and ... afraid of nothing. Sometimes he'll snag a pigeon or a mourning dove and sit there on the grass glaring at you, almost daring you to just try and take it away from him. Sometimes you almost think he's hissing at you.

    Great pics Art!!

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    Thumbs up

    Cool shots Art

    Looks like he's trying to tell you something in the lower left shot
    Cheers! - Jim

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    Great shots, Art. We've got a resident pair of (I believe) redtail hawks that roost in the back yard neighbor's pine tree. LOML often sees one or both come in to roost in the late afternoon as she's watering the plants in the back yard. She loves most any kind of critter, but she gets a special charge out of the hawks. I'll have to show her your pics.
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    Nice pics. From the pic in bottom left I don't think it is ignoring you!

    Looks like an immature Red-shouldered Hawk, but since I can't find my ID book I'm just guessing. Looks a little like an Osprey (more common in your area). RSH would be the smaller of the two with short, rounded wings.

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    Nice pics! I find most birds of prey both majestic and quite intriguing.

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    You guys are being far too polite.

    Sure, the pictures are okay, but I just can't help imagining what I would have had with a more modern Canon, with image stabilization software, and maybe a slightly bigger lens

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