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Thread: Walnut vahzzzzzze

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    Walnut vahzzzzzze

    Walnut vase (hf), 6" x 4.5", Olympic Antique Danish Oil finish (Home Depot).

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    I suspect it's payback for the birdhouse ripoff I did a few months ago. Very nice work, Curt. Must be the full moon or eclipse or something.
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    Good stuff, Curt - nice hollow form... hard to beat a nice chunk of Walnut!!!

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    Curt it is a beauty. I don't know which I like to turn better mesquite or walnut. Great job.
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    Curt, that is really sweet, I really like the form and that neck too!

    The color in that wood runs the gambit, from near white to almost black, VERY cool!
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    Grain, color, shape... all very nice. Beautiful piece of art.

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