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Thread: Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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    Happy Labor Day Weekend!

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! We're heading out for some camping on Lake Hartwell on the SC/GA line.

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    I've got a big writing project that needs to be done next week, so I'll be working through the weekend. Just as well, because the temps here have been brutal the past few days, and it looks like it'll stay that way through the weekend.
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    Same to you Ed,
    boat/camp/fest safely! I'll be working on the roof since it looks like good weather, plus I'll be making french fries and such at the wifey's fireman's field days. If I don't show up down there, I don't see her until Tuesday.


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    going to spend as much time woodworking as I can..

    Got a rocking horse that needs building. Woods been prepped, layed out and ready to cut, rout, and glue.

    Not sure if I 'll get to finishing it, cause I plan on being really, really lazy on Monday....
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    Going back to working on the shop.

    Got the 2nd coat of paint on one area. Now I "have to" paint other long wall. After visiting Marty, the white wall's in the shop and the overall "finish" of the shop made me realize how much better I felt in a shop with white walls, instead of concrete block. Pictures will follow when complete.

    Also need to really finish the electical. I have a light circuit and a plug circuit to run as well as cutting in two 220v plugs for the Sander and the new jointer. The DC is left to install, but that's another weekend.

    Y'all all have fun and be safe.

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    At work right now....wasn't there a thread about that?

    Hope to finally get my lathe refurb started again with new paint and possible getting the bearings switched out. Haven't had any time in the garage/shop and have a huge urge to turn, but the lathe is out of comission until I get the bearings replaced. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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    I thought we were well into the weekend?

    Oh yeah that's right, I took Thursday off to work on shingling my house, then since the shop only works 4 10 hour days I have Friday off anyway. Then with Saturday and Sunday being the regular weekend, and with Labor Day being a Holiday...well I am only 3 days into my 5 day weekend.

    Sorry about the gloat but its getting cool at night and the wind today says autumn is coming. So do the trees. The red maples have started to change color . Still perfect weather for cedar shingle work. 70 degrees, a stiff breeze and light from 5:30 to 19:30 every day.

    Its going a lot slower than I anticipated. So far I have only got half of the new addition done. I figured after 3 days I would be a lot farther ahead. I might be able to finish the addition up this weekend, then start on the old part of the house next weekend. I don't know. All this ladder work is getting me pretty sore and the long days and endless work is wearing on me. I'm only 33 but I sure don't feel like it.
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