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    Weekend Project

    I am pleased to mark my new router table project- DONE. I have been work-
    ing on building a new router table for the past few days in the evenings when
    I get home from work. My former router table was an aluminum table which
    coated any board going across it with aluminum dust which naturally got ground into the wood and was nearly impossible (for me at least) to get off.
    I purchased a new table top from my local woodworking tool dealer which is
    made by Peachtree manufacturing. It is a full one and one-half inches thick
    and laminated with melamine on top and sides. The table I built for it was
    assembled with pockethole joinery. That idea came from a video I purchased
    called The pockethole solution to building a router table by John Siloats. The
    table went together quickly and probably could have easily been built in one
    day but I just worked on it in my spare time. The project gave me something
    to look forward to when getting home from work. Well, now it is finished. It
    will provide a new home for the BEAST (PC 7518). It has three drawers for
    my bits, one drawer for all of my router accessories, and one drawer which
    is home to four other routers- Elu 7758 (3 hp), PC 931 (D-handle), DeWalt
    621 (2 hp- little brother to the big Elu), and a standard DeWalt one and
    three-quarter horse router (I forget the model #). This also freed up quite
    a bit of room in my tool cabinet since it was quite crowded with other tools.
    Now that I have a new router table, it will be a big help in many of my pro-
    jects in the shop. Happy woodworking to all!

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    Congrats on the new router table, Robert. Got any pictures? We love pics.
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