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Thread: Jim DeLaney and I cleaned up!

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    Jim DeLaney and I cleaned up!

    At the Canfield Fair that is. Jim Got two blue ribbons for his Band sawn box and his shaker boxes.

    I got 2 blues for my Cherry lamp and curly maple and walnut pepper mill. The big cherry bowl got best of show.

    I got so excited I forgot to get pictures of Jim's stuff but I'm sure he will pop in here with pictures.
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    Congrats to both of you.

    C'mon Jim, we want to see your pics, too.
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    Congratulations boys!


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    Congratulations! Looks like it is well deserved!


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    Roberts bowl is really nice, and very deserving of the Best-of-Show award it got. The lamp and pepper mill were also quite good. Being mainly a flat-worker, I actually liked the lamp more than the bowl, but that's just me...

    I was back at the fair again today (the wife and I are "Fair Junkies." We've attended six different ones so far this year) and took some pictures of my entries - a bandsawn box from poplar, with ebonized oak accents, and a set of three shaker boxes in cherry. BTW, I got the cherry from Robert about a year ago.
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    That was my cherry? WOO HOO
    I liked the boxes before , now I love them

    But then again I liked the band sawn box too, I would hate to be a judge there, theres no way I could make the decisions as to who got what.

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    Let's here it for the boys!
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