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Thread: Aluminum Trim Question

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    Aluminum Trim Question

    We are hoping to replace our windows this fall and the trim capped with aluminum. My question is which comes first the window or the trim? Is the replacement window (sashes in frame) installed, then the aluminum capping butted to it? Or is the capping installed, then the window?

    I'm curious since I can do the window install, but not the aluminum, and don't want to do things out of order.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Wes

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    wes, trying to understand here.....the brickmould is covered with aluminum coilstock that somebody broke on a sheetmetal break right?
    if so, and you`re replacing the sashes the new ones should come with the brickmould installed unless you specifically order flat jambs....either way the new units will need to be installed before more coilstock is broken and installed...tod
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    Actually the brick molding is just painted at the moment, but you are correct, we are going to have it capped with aluminum. The replacement window is the type that is framed with sashes, but inserted into the original frame as a single unit. (I forget the proper name at the moment)

    I suspect this additional info/clarification won't change your advice.
    Thanks for the input,

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