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Thread: Upgrade! Laguna 12" scoring saw

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    Talking Upgrade! Laguna 12" scoring saw

    I bought a used Laguna scoring saw cause I wanted the slider and Swmbo said I could have it!. I installed the Excalibur overarm guard and the HTC out-feed rollers on the Laguna. I don't like the dust collection port at the bottom of the blade shroud as wood offcuts get stuck in there!!! I guess the saw was meant more for panels. The slider backs up more than 48" from the blade!
    Attachment 12134
    Attachment 12135
    Very easy for blade changes, etc. as with the slider back that area is very open with the hinged shroud.
    Attachment 12136
    I decided to keep the old Unisaw, only got an offer of a $1000 for it with a new $150 Merlin splitter, Excalibur fence and sliding table.
    Attachment 12140
    To make room in the shop I decided the Unisaw could double as a worktable so I pulled the plywood top off my old stacking school table to use as a cover.
    Attachment 12137

    The extension wing will also be my router table in the yellow melamine top.
    I also have an old power feeder that I can use for ripping or molding.
    Attachment 12138
    I think keeping the old saw was a good idea.
    I still have the sliding table, not sure if I could find a use for it!
    I started on a project that I have to reproduce some 100+ yr old casing and baseboard cap. With the feeder on the saw it's like having a helper when cutting a stack of 1x6 x10' pine to width.

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    Cool!! And most of us keep a contractor saw for outfeed, dedicated daddo, or assembly purposes. Let us know how you like the Laguna after you've had a chance to use if for a while. Jim.
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    Nice addition to your arsenal, Bryan!

    If you haven't done so yet, check out Bryan's website... Very impressive, and some cool shots of 35+ years of woodworking.

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