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Thread: Grizzly G0593 8" jointer delivery and installation.

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    Grizzly G0593 8" jointer delivery and installation.

    My jointer arrived.

    I ordered the jointer and had it delivered to a friend's business with a dock.

    3 of my friends and myself picked it up in a pickup truck.

    I am really glad there were 4 of use. The shipping says 550+ lbs. The problem is the base is about 100 lbs and the top is 450.

    Here is the path I from my driveway to the basement entrance.

    Attachment 12162 Attachment 12163 Attachment 12164 Attachment 12165

    We used ratchet tie down straps to tie the big box to the furniture dolly. This allowed us to roll the big box as much as possible. We did have to pick it up to get over the big steps.

    Attachment 12166 Attachment 12170

    So I got it down to the basement and purposely placed in on two old chest that I use for alternate work surfaces. This allowed me to open up the box and slide the top unit on the the chest tops. Then LOML and I were able to lower it down onto the base. Whew, that was a little scary.

    Attachment 12167 Attachment 12168 Attachment 12169

    Continued on next post for more pictures.
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    part 2

    A little more info about the G0593 install.

    The instructions for assembling this are only OK. You really need to have a pretty good feel for tools and machines. For instance, there are three large bolts that fasten the top to the base. These are screwed in from under the top of the base. The threads are in the casting. I always make sure bolts "feel" ok when I start them in the thread so I do not cross thread anything. Well one bolt just would not start and I knew something was wrong. On close inspection the thread on the end of the bolt was compress ( messed up ). So I had to get a fine file and fix the threads. That worked and I got the bolt in correctly. It would have been easy to get this cross threaded.

    But I did get it assembled. You can see it has a nice new home at the end of the TS.

    Attachment 12190 Attachment 12191 Attachment 12192

    I had to get power to it. This is a branch off the 220v circuit that I use for the TS and the BS. This was planned way in advance. I used 1/4" threaded rods bent around the post in a U shape, then cut 6" wide piece of plywood. This worked really great.

    Attachment 12194 Attachment 12193

    So whopee.... I was ready to plug it in and try it. NOT!!! The power light was on, but when I pushed the Green GO button, NOTHING. I hate NOTHING when I get a new machine. I remembered a "reset" button inside the motor starter ( you have to open it to install it ). So I pushed the reset button, and it worked!!!! yea !!!

    So I immediatley got a 2x4 and ran it thru until flat. Then I pulled down so QSWO that was figured and ran it thru. It looks GREAT !! The I ran thru a very old 4x4 of cedar ( my old mailbox post ) and it really looked good.

    Attachment 12195

    I now also completely understand why I need a DC

    Attachment 12196

    So I have a new understanding of FLAT wood. I have not had this pleasure. The spiral cutter is really great. It makes real fine fluffy sawdust. ( and a LOT of it ).

    As you can see I had a great weekend in the shop. The jointer and my "White Walls" post over in construction.

    I am really getting ready for some real projects. Well that's after I get the DC installed, but that is another weekend or two and another post.

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