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Thread: Tool Heaven

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    Tool Heaven

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    Yep, just finished reading that then came here. Good story and place!


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    Great find...

    Our version here in Seattle....

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    Its located not far from me, about 15 miles, and in fact it was a place I mentioned to Jay who is coming through Maine in a week or so. Its a very cool place.

    For me it truly is heaven because its about half woodworking and half machinist tools. We buy a lot of tools there for work just because its cheaper. The real problem is that its so stuffed with tools (3 floors) it hard to find things. Its not the place you go in looking for a Stanley #9 and expect to walk out with it. Its just the kind of place where you walk in, see what they got and get something.

    The other bad thing is you won't find any steals there. Skip knows his tools so there won't be a #140 Stanley plane there for 15 bucks that is in mint shape. You won't be gouged either, but you will pay what it's worth.

    If you do go there however, run across the street and check out his tool museum. Its a pretty cool place as well and really one of those great museums that no one knows really exists.
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    As I mentioned in my "Bad Penny" thread, I was in the related store, Capt. Tinkham's Emporium, while in Maine. I've been to the Hull's Cove Tool Barn as well. Guess I'll need one more trip to hit the store in Liberty.
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    I went the the "tool barn" that he owns in Hull's Cove. I didn't know much about antique tools at the time so I was a bit nervous to purchase anything as I found his prices firm, but neat stuff.

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