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Thread: My Texas 2 step "finger" bowl.....

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    My Texas 2 step "finger" bowl.....

    While visiting in Houston in June, Cecil Arnold very generously gave me a roughed and dried Bradford pear bowl. It finally made it to Idaho via truck some weeks later. Last week while trying to put some embellishment on the rim, the piece of wood I was using for frictioning broke driving my left forefinger into the rim and splintering the rim. One of the splinters ended up in my left forefinger. I endured several hospital visits and a couple of days of IV antibiotics to fight off the infection.

    So here's my Texas-Idaho collaboration.......Bradford pear....about 7" in diameter and 2 inches high ....finish 2 coats of Antique oil......Ain't no Stinson....but it's finished....

    Thanks again Cecil!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice job both of you. That's some pretty wood.

    Is a Bradford pear fruit-bearing, or an ornamental? Haven't seen any of it around here yet, but there's a little bit of everything around here if you know whose yard to look in.
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    Vaughn.........I was told they are an ornamental. IIRC they even pointed one out to me in my son's backyard while we were having the cookout. If so, it's the only one I've knowingly seen.


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    That's a pretty little bowl, Ken. Glad the finger is healing nicely.

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    Ken, sorry about the finger, but you did a great fob on the bowl. I like the way the Bradford sands up and finishes.

    Vaughn, it is ornamental, fast growing, and I'll look around in November when I'm due to be in LA and see if I can find some, although I don't recall seeing any in the past. They may need more water than is wise there in the desert.

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    You guys are making me hungry for some Bradford Pear... I need to go huntin'...

    Nice bowl, Ken!

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    Ken, a very nice bowl !!

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    Well done Ken! Glad the finger is doing better. BTW did you take any pics of the finger? I'm not an official member of the pic police, but..........

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    Great job Ken. The bowl is a beauty.
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    I hate to hear of the injury but, you sure did that piece of BP justice Ken!
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