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Thread: Turning Exhibition

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    Turning Exhibition

    This is my first real post so I thought I would post something different. Our club worked on this project fo a year and a half. We wanted to showcase our work in a gallery setting. The Memphis area galleries don't sell wood art and we wanted to change that perception. We contacted Christian Brothers University and they wanted to do an Exhibition in their Art Gallery of our work. There are 55 pieces from 20 of our members. The youngest member is 7 years old and he has a pen in the show. We have work displayed from members who are at least 80 years old. The university provided a wine and cheese reception for the opening which had an attendance of at least 250 people. We have gotten newspaper coverage as well as TV coverage from this exhibit. It runs thru October 4th so if you are coming thru Memphis and would like to see it, let me know and I'll get you directions. These pictures show just some of the work.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cbu001Medium.jpg   cbu002Medium.jpg   cbu003Medium.jpg   cbu004Medium.jpg   cbu007Medium.jpg  

    cbu008Medium.jpg   cbu013Medium.jpg   cbu016Medium.jpg   cbu017Medium.jpg   cbu026Medium.jpg  

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    Keith, I was so sorry that we didn't get back into Memphis to go to CBU to see this on Wednesday. I woke up with a headache that morning and wanted nothing more than to get to Union City and lay down. The pictures are gorgeous, the work is gorgeous, and whoever set up the displays did a great job.

    So how has the response been?

    (My little walnut bowl is sitting next to the lathe awaiting some time this weekend to finish it.)

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    Keith, congrats to both you and your club. It looks like there are some very talented people/kids in your club.

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    I was able to visit the opening for this display and there are some fantastic turnings there!

    And something Keith didn't mention is that he has 4-5 of his own pieces in the display, including the segmented piece that is featured on their invitations and also in the promotions for the event (you can see it in his first picture). Very nice feather in the cap!

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    Congrats Keith and to your club. Looks like there is a lot of talented turners in the club including yourself.
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    There is some mighty fine work there. Maybe your bunch can start your own art gallery. Show 'em a thing or three.
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    Wish I could be in the area to see the showcase first hand!

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    lotsa pretty stuff keith!
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    Like Ken, I wish I could see the show in person. Looks like a ton of talented Tennessee turners. (Say that a few times fast without spraying your monitor.) Congrats on getting the cover photo on the invitations, too.
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    Keith, you guys do nice work!

    Great show, looks like you got a fair crowd as well!
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