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Thread: Lathe Lighting

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    Lathe Lighting

    I'd love to see some pictures and hear some discussion on lighting around your lathe. I need to improve what I have now and want something solid, adjustable and moveable the length of the lathe (sliding headstock).

    I've found pictures of a couple of good setups, but would like to see and hear about as many as possible before I make an investment.

    Thanks in advance...........................Mark

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    I'm using 2 halogen lamps on a stand....the construction light fact, the only lights in my shop......Well yeah...there's $600 worth of flouescent fixtures and tubes sitting in the corner under 1/4" of dust but....well.....I'm turning.

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    mark, can`t you use a magnetic based l.e.d. spotlight? i`ve seen the l.e.d. stuff in all kinds of weird shapes and mounting configurations and they`re supposed to be really easy on power? i don`t own any so can`t offer 1st hand experience but my son has a little keychain light that runs off a watch battery that`s been left on for days in his toybox and after more than a year of torture still lights up pretty brightly for its size.
    you allready have good overhead lights right? and are looking for task lighting?
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    Flourscent shop light hanging overhead. I'm told that's lousy. Dunno. Works for me.
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    Mr. Cothren, sir, I have natural lighting in the form of a window on the tail stock end of my lathe. I have two fluorescent lights on the ceiling above me one, more or less to the left and right of my shoulders.

    I have two Stay-Put work lamps mounted on my lathe. One is mounted on the bench at the tailstock end of the lathe where I can move it so that I can see into objects that I am working on and it also provides raking light that allows me to see scratches left from sanding. The second Stay-Put light is mounted with a magnetic base on the headstock. The long flexible neck allows me to position it so that I can see up close when I am doing detail work and if necessary I can pull it down and direct the light into the object I am turning and see inside of it really well. The Stay-Put lights are not cheap, around $55 but the flexibility they provide with the long gooseneck and rugged construction make them worthwhile.

    And in a pinch I have a halogen clamp on light that I can use to really brighten things up.

    And as Tod said there are some wonderful LED lights out there which will thin you wallet down considerably but are much lighter, much cooler and last a long time.
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    I have a big plenty of flourescent lighting overhead - but it is nowhere near adequate for my eyes when I'm turning. So yes, I'm talking about task lighting. I have an adjustable light mounted to the wall, but it won't hold it's position when I move it to where I need it.

    I thought about a magnetic based light on the headstock, but wanted to check out other options first. I haven't seen one yet that had a long enough neck on it to satisfy me - unless I was going to use a second light from the tailstock side.

    I haven't looked into the LED lights, so thanks for that information.

    Appreciate the responses. If anyone has pictures of their setups I'd love to see them.

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    I use a lamp w/flexible neck on my Delta midi.

    For now, the overheads are sufficient for my Mustard, but I'll use something similar to this when the need arises.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post
    I'm using 2 halogen lamps on a stand....the construction light setup....
    This is the same setup that I have been using to supplement the overhead flourescent and daylight from the open garage door (which will soon not be an option ... brrr...).

    cheers eh?

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    I have two task lights, both are recycled, so don't let their looks bother you

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This works fine for me, but I would like something a bit more flexible.

    I believe that Bill Grumbine has an old dentist's light set up.........?

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    Whatever works, Stu...

    I remember Bill's light gloat... every time I go to my dentist I covet his lights. Maybe my next visit I'll try to convince him it is time for an upgrade in his office (and offer to dispose of his "old" lights ).

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