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Thread: No more missed calls..........

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    No more missed calls.......... thing about my Dungeon that drives my wife nuts is that with the heavy equipment running, I cannot hear the phone ring () but sometimes she needs to get in touch with me, as maybe there is someone at the L shop I need to talk to etc. We bought a doodad that has a sensor of sorts that goes on the phone, and then there is a place in the main unit that you can plug something into, a light or such.

    I had a light in the center of the Dungeon, but when on the lathe, I could not see it turn on (no eyes in the back of my head) and even when running other stuff, I'd sometimes miss it (honest, really I did......).

    I solved these problems, I was going to buy a strobe light thing that just screws in like a normal bulb, but it was $35, and for just under $50, I got a fully rotating yellow light, like on a cop car or such...........

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    Yep, going to be hard to say I missed this..........

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    There are a number of things that are designed for use by the deaf to signal when the phone rings. No, they don't talk on the phone, but use a TTY type terminal to communicate.

    Do a search for telephone equipment for the deaf and you'll find all kinds of stuff.

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    But Stu, doesn't the phone itself contradict the message on the lamp?


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    You are like Batman or something. You need a lathe or bandsaw cut out over that light so it shines a large lathe or bandsaw on the wall.

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