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Thread: Belt sander mishap

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    Steve Clardy Guest


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    Some people have belt sander drag races, leave it to you to have belt sander moto-cross! Jim.
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    almost had another road trip steve at least it didnt get you instead of the board.. man you really should just give it to a enemy and snicker while you replace it with abetter one.. hey sharpen those bits and they will fit better,, they were gettin bad when i wsa there or maybe it was the operator this time
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    You can't kill them. they reign forever... As long as you have a belt to fit, they are always at hand.

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    Time for some belt sander races.....
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    You definitely need a new sander! Its toy time!!!
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    "this thing still operates and runs."

    Time to terminate. With extreme prejudice!

    I've got an ancient one that arcs so much I barely need shoplights...

    I'm told they started making better ones several years ago...



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    Similar thing happened here a few months a go with my big Makita belt sander.

    I was in the shop and turned on the sander but it wouldn't work. I changed the fuse in the plug and plugged it back in. The sander FLEW off the bench straight into my pride and joy!


    It's always a good idea to make sure you've not left the trigger locked on...

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