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Thread: 13 DH/ 8 R /2 RTG OWWM

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    13 DH/ 8 R /2 RTG OWWM

    Just thinking and did some looking at some dates and stuff. I am pretty impressed.

    In less than 2 years (19 months to be exact) I have 13 DH/ 8 R /2 RTG OWWM

    13 Drug Home
    8 Restorations completed
    2 Ready to go as I found them

    That leaves three Old Wood Working Machines in the shop to be restored. 2 of which are being used as is. As I said, I am impressed with myself.

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    Well actually you did very well. In fact in one of your other replies I noticed that you are a lot like me, that being you would much rather prefer to keep your older tools going than to buy newer ones. I certainly would not have the collection of machines I now have if I had not kept the old ones going and obtained the older machines as I went along. I say obtained because of the many I got, few were boughten, but instead given to me or traded for something.

    With my house addition and baby, I have not had the time to restore machines in the quantity's you have. I certainly miss the grease, the oil, the fabrication and machining, but I'll get into it soon enough. Until then it is a real joy to hear of your rebuilding stories, and Steve's plane rebuilding stories. I truly enjoy them all.

    Congratulations Jeff and keep them coming. Thay are always interesting to hear about.
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    Well then I have 3DH/3R/2BFS

    3 Drug Home
    3 Restored
    2 Built From Scratch

    Kermit Before

    The Green Meanie

    Big Blue


    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Phoenix

    ..........and, in my defense, I did these all in Japanese............... ..............

    LOVE building and restoring these great machine!
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    Got get mine in here too!!

    1 restore
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails finished.jpg  

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    21 Dragged Home
    4 Full Restorations
    7 Mechanical only Repairs
    4 Ready to Go
    4 Awaiting Restoration
    2 Lost Causes
    6 Motors Rebuilt
    0 Room left in shop

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