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Thread: Former boat anchor . . .

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    Former boat anchor . . .

    Eye-balled this one for about a year in a local "antique" shop. SWMBO finnaly got sick of me not sleeping nights and took pity on it. Bead blasted then hand polished with 220 then steel wool. Fresh out of the oven with shinny new japaning. Been lurking on The Bay for a smooth #5 to canabalize to complete this one but no luck so far. Can't bring myself to give up more than a couple bucks when this one was only 5. BUT I got a bad " C " habit go'n on. Or is it a " C " " Jones " ? Any other places to score REALLY cheap parts or derilects ?
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    You know, I've agonized over typing since I started slipping down this slope. I found this chart awhile back, It sure appears like " harder " data than any I've found before.
    Patrick's B&G gets me all excited but not enough to be " SURE " of my opinion in the company of, well, the folks around here.
    My best guess is Type 13. Only because of the Pat. information.

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