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Thread: Unsubstantiated rumor.......My trigger finger

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    Unsubstantiated rumor.......My trigger finger

    got itchy.........So I pulled the trigger on a PM3520B..........It will be delivered late next week or the following week. I could have it tomorrow but I want that shop finished!

    I also bought the 18" bed extension.

    Photos following it's delivery.


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    A big CONGRATS Ken !! It will be a whole different turning world for you now !

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    Thanks Keith.....Yeah it's got me worried........With the Jet Mini mounted on the "diving board"....if something starts cracking/splitting ....gonna let go...the 2x12 vibrates and I step away before shutting it down. I'm very nearly deaf.....I won't know on the Mustard until it slaps me in the face!

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    Well Ken, you pretty much just suck.

    Congrats, you itchy-fingered son of a gun, you. Good thinking on the 18" extension, too. Who did you end up buying it from?

    I think I'll go wallow in envy for a little while.
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    Mount a mercury motion switch so if you get to rocking & rolling to much a light will start flashing.
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    Yeah......well the itch isn't gone yet..............more to's too dark to pull it again tonight......but tomorrow morning and/or afternoon...

    BTW....Vaughn.....I believe it's 20" over the bed....34" over the extension..... doesn't matter whom you buy it from. Not putting it on a credit card last week cost me $300-500. Amazon had them on sale for $2295 plus shipping. As of the 1st of September, Powermatic dealers all have to sell it for the same price or lose their dealer ship. That's what 2 different dealers told me today.
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    Ken is the shop done and ready for a proper presentation for the mustard???

    Just kidding buddy. Congrats. I am happy for you.
    Bernie W.

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    BTW.....My wife would like a list of all those who were involved in that "bombing" incident about 18 months ago....tod has met me....I'm 6'1"..255 lbs......She's a foot shorter.....100 lbs lighter......And a whole lot meaner...........Anyone volunteering to own up to being involved?.......I'm not through pulling the trigger either......

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    Not me, Ken. I didn't belong to the forum then. But I did read the bombing thread, and they gotcha good, didn't they? Doing any flatwork lately?

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    Nancy Laird
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    Yeah......I cut a 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" piece of wood to remount my sprinkler control system to the wall of our utility room in the basement yesterday. I did remember where my 10 SCMS was....I use it to cut pen blanks!

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