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Thread: Woodworking courses

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    Woodworking courses

    I am currently looking to take a vacation in the late Fall, early winter, and was hoping to try and attend a week long seminar on woodworking.

    The Rosewood Studio has my ideal course:

    Does anyone know of other programs like this? I am looking for as many options as possible. One 'requirement' of this vacation is that there is some type of 'retreat' for my wife to do at the same time. We are currently looking for pretty much anywhere in the world (We are avid travelers).

    Any suggestions / experiences?

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    ian, i don`t have any suggestions, i`ve never taken any formal instruction in my life.....but it sounds like fun! please keep us posted as to where you go and your thoughts about their program.
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    Ian, Marc Adams did a seminar for our woodworking association last year and a number of our members have attended his school. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

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    David Marks does some classes at his studio. Have met him and seen some of his work.

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    I went to the basic woodworking course several years ago, it was a wonderful experience, I learned a lot and it brought up the quaility of my work -- and what I should expect from myself.

    I don't know if you'll have any luck finding courses that are in the winter (except maybe in FL) it seems that most of the schools use the winter months for their longer programs and use the summer months for the one and two week workshops.

    Kelley Mehler has a school in Brea KY, I met him a few weeks ago, the school looked great, only 8 students at a crack so you'd get lots of personal attention


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    Since no one has mentioned it, I will...

    Check out

    He runs a school in Berea, KY. Lots of small shops for your wife to visit in the area. The Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill is nearby and worth a visit.

    In October he has a drop leaf table class, and I heard there might be a student who might not be able to make it. Perhaps there is an opening. Call Kelly and find out.

    I will be in the class, and I highly recommend the school.

    The good schools fill their classes up to a year in advance.

    Marc Adams books in November.

    Kelly Mehler books in October.

    Lonnie Bird is booking right now, and will be sold out quickly, from what I saw last year.

    I have heard Rosewood is good, but also recently closed and then re-opened, so I don't know its current status.

    Let us know where you go and how it was.

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    There is the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship here in Rockport, Maine. Its a huge facility and is well renowned for their classes and stuff. I have never been, but heard its high-class. There is plenty for the Mrs to do as well in the area as we have plenty of museums, lighthouses, antique stores and whatnot.

    Outside of the school you might like to visit the Maine Maritime Museum (old wooden shipyard). Lie Nielsen Toolworks, Liberty Tool and a host of other places geared towrds woodworkers.

    I am not sure if winter is the best time to come however. In the summer we have 11 million people milling around in this state, in the winter a little over a million. That means not enough people to keeps things open year around so some of those shops, museums and stuff close down after the leaf-peepers leave and don't open again until May.
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    Try this link:

    Stuff for your wife there, too... and you can't find a better vacation spot...



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    I have taken courses at both the Applacian Center for Crafts (a part of Tennessee Tech Univ.) and Arrowmont. JC Campbell is also another consideration for this area. There are many schools, some more specific than others.
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