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Thread: I feel :p

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    I feel :p

    Finally got my shop 'good' dirty. :banana: Could not handle it no more, so I started roughing a bowl and decided to finish it too. (A month ago I started overhauling the shop..thats another story. )Wasn't going to set up the vac. pump, but needed it, so thats done too. STILL need to organize.

    Think the bowl is maple. Tore out like crazy, but oiling it then finish cut helped a lot. The 100 grit got the rest. Dunno....think it's about 8" x 3"x 3/8" thick. I'm gonna oil it again tonight n' buff tomorrow....then get (hopefully) better pics.

    Dang it feels good to turn again.

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    The bowl looks nice! How come your pics are so blue? Looks like a nice setup you have!

    Welcome to the forum!!!

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    That's a really nice chunk of wood !! I'm keeping my eyes open for highly figured wood like that, but most people around here burn it, so usually by the time I get to it, it's split pretty small


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    Great looking setup Joe. Looks nice with all the chips lying around. Like a shop.
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    A person can only take so much shop cleaning and organizing before it's time to make a mess. Now we know your breaking point is about a month. I'll bet it felt good. There were several days last week (and weekend) where it was too hot (and too busy with work) here for me to do any turning. After a few days, I'm Jonesin' pretty bad for the spin crack.

    The bowl came out real nice, BTW.
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    clean!? are you ill? all you need are paths to the tools
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    Quote Originally Posted by tod evans View Post
    clean!? are you ill? all you need are paths to the tools

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!!!!!! If you only knew how close you are to what I started with.

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    Lookin great Joe. A little Heinz 36 will do it every time.
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    Sweet looking bowl and set up Joe!
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    Bowl is fine and shop looks like a shop should. I'm suspicious of those ultra clean show-place shops.
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