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Thread: Is football talk banned?

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    Is football talk banned?

    Hey, folks,

    Are we allowed to talk football on here, or does it just lead to trouble?

    Me, I'm a Charger fan. It's the only part of my life that's masochistic! Rooting for them takes an odd kind of foolishness... kinda like being a cubs fan, I guess. We're up to, what, 40 superbowls... and they've never won even one.

    Oh, well, there's always this year...

    And there's no point in rooting for the local team... the redskins are hopeless too...



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    I don't see a problem.

    besides, I feel your pain, I'm gearing up for my Giants to have a rough season.

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    feel free.........i don`t watch or care about any organized sports let alone discuss `em but lotsa folks seem to be interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Clardy View Post
    Football isn't religious nor political...
    To some people it's both.

    I root for whatever Los Angeles football team is doing the best. This year, it's looking like the...uh...erm...never mind. I keep forgetting Los Angeles has no football team.
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    I don't see any problem. I think that West Ham could have quite a good season this year. I know that beating Reading 3-0 isn't necessarily that difficult but they have come back nicely so far from a first game defeat to Man City Oh - you meant American Football?? - No - I don't think we should talk about that

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    Talking football is OK, as long as you don't mention the Chargers.
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    Football isn't even a sport. I don't watch it so I don't understand the game one bit, but it seems to me the second they get the ball and start doing something...that is after talking about it for ten minutes, a whistle is blown and they stop and do it all over again. It just doesn't make sense.

    Then there is that stupid ball they call a ball. It's not even round, so calling it a ball is a big stretch.

    Then there is the goal. It's something like ten yards deep and fifty yards wide, who in their right mind could not get a itty bitty tiny football thing into something that big? Heck I could do that. Same can be said for the upright things. I could kick an oblong ball into something that big. Jeesh...

    Now hockey, that is a sport. Those guys have razor blades tied to their feet, they have clubs in their hands, they are allowed to fight, the rules are super simple and there is no out of bounds, and they are playing on frozen water not some fake grass like thing. Behind the net, in front of the net, there's no escaping a good hard push with these guys skating at 30 mph! In fact its part of the game. In football every time they see someone coming at them they run out of bounds like a scared Gazelle running from a Lion. Not in hockey. Heck they don't even stop the game to change people. That's on the fly. In football they stop every 5 seconds. Last year I watched a hockey game run steady for 7 minutes with no whistel!! With football the last 2 minutes of the game takes an hour to complete!

    Then to score you have to get a frozen puck into a net 4 feet by six feet guarded by an 8 foot giant with enough pads on him to cover six goals. And if by some miracle you do get that frozen black biscuit past the Goalie, you get credited with 1 point. Not seven, not three, but one. You only got it in there once, why get 7 points for it? Of course with football it might be 3 or it might be 1, I guess it depends on when you kick the thing.

    I tell you, I watched about 5 minutes of some football game today. Just doesn't make sense to me. Thank goodness I can watch a good sport take place in a few weeks. I've been ready since June!!

    Edit Note: This post was made to make people laugh and look at their favorite sport from a different perspective. I have nothing against football, its just not a sport we have where we live. Here hockey rules that's all...
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    I don't follow sports much, i would rather play than watch, but get this story. Last year's rookie of the year, pro football was a quarterback for the Tennessee titan which used to be the houston oilers. His college was the University of texas in Austin about 3 hours from Houston. He was from Houston. Houston had first pick in the draft, they had several bad seasons and a quarterback down on his luck. Logical choice, All american quarterback, from houston, via Univ. of Texas ,Austin the most valuable player in the bowl game and I think the Heinsman trophy winner. Who does Houston pick first round, first pick?????I don't even know, I would rather play than watch.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I don't follow sports, but you all knock yourselves out . Heck, I don't even have TV .
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