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Thread: Some Days are SOO Good that they are BAD

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    Some Days are SOO Good that they are BAD

    Just finished a three day show I have done for the last three years. Each year is interesting. I demonstrate at the show, so I get some work down as well as selling.

    I thought I would make about a dozen bottle stoppers for a show coming up at a winery in two weeks. The good news is that I got them all done. The bad news is that I have to go get a dozen new kits...............all the ones I did sold. Before this weekend, I was thinking of stopping making them. I had not sold any this season. Go figure.

    The show is unique, in that there is no charge, if you demonstrate!

    This year, the customeers were looking for the high priced items, too. Sold several pieces priced over $70.00 to $100.00. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD show!!!


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    Congrats Bruce on a good show. It is nice when things start selling.
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    Wow, sorry I missed this when you posted it, Bruce. Congrats on the successful show.

    I'm hoping to make a few more stoppers and pens between now and the show I'm selling at the weekend of the 22nd. I'm pretty well stocked on the bigger items, but could use more of the small stuff.
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