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Thread: Drawer Spacing Help!

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    Drawer Spacing Help!

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    Matt, I would just make me a sketch, doesn't have to be to scale. Just add some dimensions to to it and you should be able to work it our really easy. Take what you said, put it on paper and it should be obvious.

    I have a job this morning or I would sketch it out and show you what I am thinking.
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    I did this quick as I'm heading to work but sorta . . . pick the height from the carcase bed to the underside of your drawer body, lets say 3/8". First glides go here, add face height plus gap and move up. My 1/8ths are rounded in the diagram, didn't have time to format the numbers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Dunlap View Post
    I crunched numbers for 2 hours last night and still haven't figured out how to space my drawers for a project I have. Is there a formula for easily figuring out where to put the drawer slides?

    I've got 4 drawers that are 5 1/2" high and will put undermount slides on them. The drawer faces are 7" high each. The cabinet interior is 28 5/8" high and I plan on having 1/8" between each drawer face and also 1/8" space at the bottom and top. The drawer faces will be centered on the drawers.

    Matt, this is a classic example of "It is time to make a story pole".
    Get a straight stick, longer than the height of your cabinet, about 1 1/2" wide. I use a stick rule but a tape measure will work. you need a pencil and I use a combination square and i usually need an erasure or sandpaper to eliminate incorrect marks. Mark the finished height of your drawer holding box. mark the height of your base and whatever molding if any. Building from either the bottom up or the top down or the center out with your marks. Determine where your 28 3/8 (4- 7" fronts and 3-1/8" spaces. ) drawer fronts with the spaces will fit. Mark them in full scale on your story pole ( just vertical). This lets you know the exact size space behind the fronts for drawer and drawer guides and allow you to determine exact, to scale positioning. I need hurry off but will explain more with a drawing later if you like.
    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Dunlap View Post
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