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Thread: Tool sale find

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    Tool sale find

    I went to a tool sale this weekend and came home with this. It needs a new belt, switch and some cleaning, but it will become a dedicated buffer next to the lathe. Not bad for $3. It does run, but the switch is broken so it only turns off when unplugged.
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    Not bad at all for $3! The motor alone is worth 10 times that if it runs well.

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    Tool sale find

    WTG,Great find.I have more buffing pads than I can count.I have several half round shaped buffing pads that I use in my drill,then I have a set of 8" wheels that I mount in the drill chuck on the lathe,then I have the beal buff system.For a start I would get an 8" wheel on one side for tripoli and a soft wheel for wax on the other side. Good luck

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