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    Here's something I've been getting into lately. It started when LOML asked me to refinish a cheap wooden bracelet she got at a garrage sale. I told her I thought I could make her a better one, and set about it. Turns out it's not too hard. I cut out a blank, sink and glue a piece of large dowel in the center for the jaws to grab and turn away. As you can see, I've played with some different inlay material. The green malachite sands easily, turquoise is a little harder, and jasper is almost too hard to sand down. silicon carabide sandpaper works best (its usually black). Copper worked pretty easy too, I just used scrap wire and cut some ribbons out of some scrap copper sheet I had lying around. The stone I used for inlay I got from Hobby Lobby, and some online. I set the inlay with tinted epoxy on some and thick ca on some. They both seem to work fine. Some are finished with spray laquer and some are just polished and waxed. I find that wax alone will not keep copper from discoloring. Oh yea, and the wood is Desert Iron Wood. I Imagine any fine grained strong wood would work. Cheers, Barry
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    Barry, I can't wait to have time to try this! Did you just use a store bought braclet for size measurement? thanks for the idea!

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    Those are awesome, Barry. I think you might be onto a moneymaker there. I'd be interested in more details about how you go from a blank with a dowel sticking out of it to a bangle. If you're doing it the way I'm picturing things, the leftover piece from the middle (with the dowel in it) would be the start of a spinning top for the kids.
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    Yep, awesome is the word. Those are terrific, Barry. You should be able to sell the heck out of 'em. If you aren't careful you will be turning a bunch of those....Good work!
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    Great ... just great ... thanks a lot there Barry ... old chum .... my sweetheart saw this post and the photos and .... yup ... one more thing on the "ooooo - is that ever nice - you could make some of those" list .... I wouldn't be showing my face around here any time soon if'n I was you ....

    Seriously though - they look really great and my sweetheart says she'd wear something like that if I can make 'em.

    cheers eh? - thank you for posting these and for including the info on them !!

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    Dang....those are too cool, Barry!!

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    Awesome Barry!

    We need a step by step photo shoot to help us through.

    I hope you have the time to do it!



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    I have seen some articles about making braclets on the net somewhere. I agree, some pics of the process would be great. Those that you have done are awesome

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    Now I have to figure out how to make some......and some more boxes..........and Christmas ornaments...........

    .......does it EVER STOP............

    Well here is hoping it don't stop

    Pics of a WIP would be cool!

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    Thanks for the complements guys, I'll take my camera to the shop tomorrow and collect some in-progress photos to post over the next few days. Barry

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