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    More stuff

    Hey, While I'm in the mode, here's a few other things I've turned lately, The first is red cedar 4"x8". The second is Osage orange turned green 4"x8". And the last is a blank I got from a plywood tree. 5"x10". I saw a picture of one on line and I thought they were pretty cool, so I tried one. I turned the inside off-center so it sets tilted and one side is thicher that the other(kind of hard to see in the picture) Used red dye then walnut stain then poly. For something funky and different....Hey, thats what the wife likes! Cheers, Barry
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    Barry, that cedar is beautiful! I like the others as well. I only wish we had plywood trees in my area, looks like it's fun to turn

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    Barry, I really like your bowls. My favorite is probably the Osage orange. I like the form and the relative proportion of the foot to the diameter. Maybe if it was a little smaller I would like it even more.

    I like the form of the cedar but would like it even more if the foot was smaller. This is a very artsy form in my eye and would benefit from a smaller foot to make the uplifted form look lighter. Nice finish on that cedar also!

    Plywood trees don't grow in this area so I have no experience with them. Yours looks pretty nice. I bet you had to sharpen your tools quite a bit. Rude Osolnik did a lot of work with plywood bowls as he looked for the cheapest alternatives for wood turning. Nice work!
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    Nice job, Barry. I think the cedar bowl is my favorite of the bunch.
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    Barry, that plywood bowl is way out there. I first looked at the picture (before reading your description) and had to do a double take. Funky is right! Very cool!

    Great work on all of them!
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    Well done Barry. Those are great looking bowls.
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