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Thread: Old Book, Cool Old Iron

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    Old Book, Cool Old Iron

    I am so fortunate...a guy at work owns a used book store and he is always on the prowl for tool books and stuff, and when he sees one, he lets me review it and then gives a price.

    This last book was a sure keeper. It was by Taunton Press which has very good books to begin with, and this one is called Rare and Ingenious Tools. It is just filled with old handtools from yesteryear, from planes made out of Ivory, to Whalebone to Silver, its teeming with tools.

    For me its great because I can turn page after page and get ideas for making new tools. Lately it seems that making, designing and researching how to make my next handtool has become a real passion. Reviewing this book I got some great ideas too. From making some old block planes, to making a presentation plumb level, to crafting up a sharpening guide, I got some great ideas churning in this skull of mine.

    Certainly a great book, so if you like old tools, and you can find this book, I recommend it.

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    I bet that is a real find, I see it is by Sandor Nagyszalanczy, I have a few of his books and really enjoy his style of writing.

    A quick look at Amazon, and I see they have it for $27 new........... added to my wish list!
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    Nagyszalanczy............ say that fast 10 times.......he`s a good author but i still have no earthly idea how to pronounce his last name?
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