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Thread: 1st Christmas Ornament......

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    1st Christmas Ornament......

    Hey, I think it is only about 100 days or so to Christmas......

    I thought this would be a neat thing to give most of my family members this year, they all have enough bowls and pens

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    First one I've ever tried, the body of the ornament is less than 1/8", it was getting thin for sure.....

    The wood is just some beech that I had laying around, two pieces laminated up to make tool handles, but it was big enough, and on hand, so what they hey

    I think the "Icicle" on the bottom is a bit too thick, but this was my 1st try, so I'm still figuring them out, fun for sure!

    Yep, I think I'll like doing these too , heck, I might even be able to sell a few....

    Thanks for looking

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    Great ornament, Stu! I like it.

    Ever tried bird house ornaments? They're just as much fun to do. Mix a few into your gift list this year. You'll enjoy them too.
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    Looks good Stu. I bet you'll be making quite a few of those!

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    Nicely done, Stu. I agree the icicle could be a bit thinner, but it's still real nice, especially for a first.
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    Stu that is a great looking ornament. Yep I have to agree with you that the icicle is a bit thick but looks good for a first.
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    Great first ornament Stu! Looks like my first ones did last year.

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