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Thread: New Design Path

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    New Design Path

    Last night my wife bought an Ekornes Manhattan couch in chocolate leather like this:

    We've been planning that I would build a coffee table, end tables and probably some floor lamps for our living room. I thought we were going to have a Mission or A&C style but this changes things a bit.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of some sites where I can see some furniture that might "go"?

    I expect we'll end up with a couple of chairs like this as well.
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    no sites to offer dave but i can offer advice on making wood bend
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    Thanks Tod, I might have to take you up on that.
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    Hey Dave,

    Over on the Canadian Woodworking forum is a fellow I know, "Mike in London" who has done some nice stuff. Bit of a Japanese/Scandinavian flare. Have a look at his Family Room furniture in the gallery there. (that link is just to one set of photos, his full gallery is here. Check out his TV stand.)

    Here's a sample:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    PS: but in my opinion, I think that some good solid Mission coffee and end tables would still look quite well with those furniture choices. It doesn't ALL need to be curvy/bent stuff. However, I might do it in maple, or light oak, since dark wood might be a bit much. Well, actually that depends on the flooring... is it a dark floor or a light maple/birch/hickory hardwood floor?
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    OK Dave, take these sites as kinda a reference - and squint a lot. A lot of the furniture won't "go", but there are gems mixed in with the chrome etc. (especially Conrans).

    Oh, and here's the original chair the one pictured was based on (note date) -

    There is some wild stuff at Hive!

    Much of these designs may be a bit stark (no pun intended) but many warm up very nicely if solid wood is substituted for the molded plywood or metal.

    Just food for thought.


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