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Thread: Lathe tool storage

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    Lathe tool storage

    I'm trying to get my shop a little more organized rather than just piles of stuff everywhere. So I though I would tackle getting the lathe tools organized. I have a really shortage of wall space in the shop and so I came up with this idea. It is build out of left overs from other projects.

    The storage box fits on the end of the lathe. It doesn't seem like it will get in the way too much there.
    Attachment 12686

    Attachment 12687

    Opens like a book to allow storage of the lathe tools, and other lathe tools.
    Attachment 12688

    A close up of the storage shelf.
    Attachment 12691

    The second part opens with more storage.
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    Mike, I am impressed. Nice work. Looks like you are much more organized than me.

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    Great job Mike. I like it and probably for me would put it on the wall as bending over for me is a chore.
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    Neat idea and design Mike. Very well organized.

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    That is VERY nice Mike!


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    Great idea, and nicely done. I've been scheming of ways to get my stuff a bit better organized, too. I may have to steal some of your ideas.
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    Well done, I agree that getting a place for everything, and having everything in it's place is really good for efficiency.

    Nice design and execution!
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    Mike, that is sweet!!! Like another said, my back doesn't do the repeated bending without a lot of complaint, but that is one sweet setup that I may pilpher ideas from and hang on a wall.

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    Mike it's already been said, but nice cabinet. Very functional. Now all I have to do is figure out where to hang one if I built it.

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    I don't know about the "more organized" comment. You just didn't see pictures of the rest of the shop.

    Bernie, Jonathan,

    I do agree with not wanting to bend down every time I change to a different tool. I really have a shortage of wall space to mount this on otherwise it would be on a wall. As a result, my plan is to make a holder to hold the tools that I'm using on the specific project that would keep them in close reach. Time will tell on what I come up with in that regard. What doesn't show in the picture is that my router table is right behind where I stand when I'm turning. Currently, I turn around and keep the tools that I'm using on the router table top.


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