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Thread: New project(s)

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    New project(s)

    I have been wanting to upgrade my work/main computer for a while. I also needed to replace my ancient laptop in the kitchen. We just surf on that one but it is still slow even just doing that. But money is tight and these are working so I keep making do.

    I have a really old computer in the Lab that was given to me. It's purpose is to stream internet radio while I work. I also installed a second large HD and I back up my work computer files over the network to that one just in case. It's REALLY slow but it serves it purpose well and was free. Hard to beat free. I have often wished I could pull up Sketchup on it but it would take an hour to load!

    I happened to see that one of my local guvment agencies put up some surplus computers on EBay. 3 - Dell Optiplex GX260, one Dell Optiplex GX 270 and a HP LaserJet 1200 Series printer that I had no interest in. Typical Government surplus they remove the hard drives from them and sell them as is. Since I have a large second HD in each of my computers for backup purposes I figured what the heck. These are much faster than mine and wit 4 of them I would have spare parts. Tossed out a low ball bid and ended up buying them for $150 and some change.

    So looks like I have another project. If I can get three of them running (and I expect all four to work( I should be set for a few more years. Will just need to pick up one HD I think. Plus now I will be able to run any of my applications from anywhere in the house. Sure will be nice having Sketchup in the Lab. Be able to run my business apps when someone calls and I working down there.
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    Nice going Jeff!

    A lot of good computer equipment can be had through DRMO (Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service) if you have the patients to keep an eye on the auctions and wait.
    Same goes for tools, machines and shop furniture.


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