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Thread: Difference in paint brands

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    Difference in paint brands

    I'm building a covered patio structure. I want to paint it a custom white color which matches the exterior house color. Had my house painted several years ago by a professional painting company. They insisted on using Dunn Edwards paint. I just bought two gallons of the same flat latex custom color ( nothing exotic just white base with some black and yellow tint). Two gallons cost me $68. Wow, I think that's expensive.
    Can someone explain why paint brands are different, if they truly are? What is the real difference in premium brands vs the brands sold by Home Depot, such as Behr or Frazee Paint.
    Why would I go back to the Dunn Edwards retail store and buy their paint over another brand? They sure didn't convince or even tell me the difference between their paint and others. Don't get me wrong the Dunn Edwards paint applied and covered very nicely, but I still need to justify the price disparity.

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    I've been remodeling our house, including painting all the interior rooms. I am now beginning on the exterior. Since this was the first time to do this much painting, I have done a lot of searching on the net, and talking to people. The one common thing I have found is if you want a quality job, buy a quality paint. Period.

    At first, I used Behr paint, bought at HD, in one room and was not impressed. I did some research and found Miller Paint, a regional Pacific Northwest paint company based in Portland Or, and bought their Acro Pure paint. World of difference, and I would never go back. I have read that each manufacturer has various ranks of paint, but the higher quality of each is almost always worth getting. Of course, pro painters have their favorite brand, but they usually go for the higher quality product.

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