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Thread: Hip Resurfacing Operation - Success

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    Hip Resurfacing Operation - Success


    I wanted to let all of you know that I had my hip resurfacing operation on Sept 7 and all is well. It was done by Dr Frank Smith at the Henderson hospital in Hamilton Ontario. They perform 2800 joint replacements there a year. With $10k of new hardware in my hip they sent me home after 4 days and yesterday I was able to go for an hour long walk, with crutches for support. It will take 12 weeks for the recovery to reach the 80% mark and I can return to work then, about 12 months to reach 100%.

    This Link was important to me in finding out what I needed to know.

    I wanted to thank a few people here for their kind support on the forum and via email, your words and expressed support means a lot to me. I still have some ways to go, but I feel that I am getting great care with physio and nurses visiting me at home. The 23 staples come out this Friday, next week I will be receiving my physio in hospital.

    Most of all, the pain is gone!!

    I highly recommend the resurfacing process if you are considering a hip's a blessing.

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    no pain and ambulatory! very cool.....congratulations jim!
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    My brother in law got a new ball and socket a couple of months ago. The pain is soon forgotten for the mobility gained. Congratulations and good luck.

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    Real pleased for you Jim, thanks for getting back with us. What is the difference between hip replacement and the resurfacing? I don't know. Is it just terminology?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Shaver View Post
    Most of all, the pain is gone!!
    And that's what it's all about. Good to see the operation was successful and that you're on the mend, Jim. Just keep doing what the physical say to do.
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    Glad to hear everything turned out okay, Jim!

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    Thatís great news Jim!
    I had foot surgery 2 years ago. I had put it off for 20 years and just dealt with the pain. I wish I had the surgery 20 years ago! No pain is good!
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    How wonderful to hear, Jim! I hope you heal quickly, thoroughly and painlessly! And I hope the repair job is good for a million miles!!!
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    Congrats Jim, I know just how good you feel, I had a full replacement 3 years ago, a bad cold felt worse than the replacement. That is why i got into woodworking, my gift to myself is being able to build a new kitchen for my wife, which I am in the process of. Good luck, recovery will go fast.

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